The Jammu & Kashmir Committee for Fixation of Fee Structure of the Private Educational Institutions was established in the year 2013. Honb’le Mr. Justice (Retd) Bilal Nazki was appointed as its first Chairman. Mr. Justice Nazki resigned in the year 2014 due to which the Committee remained non-functional for a long time. It has now been revived in the year 2015 vide Government Order No: 344 of 2015 dated 21-4-2015.


          In terms of the judgment and orders passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Jammu &Kashmir theCommittee is empowered to regulate the fees structure of the Private Educational Institutions of the State and consider the cases of enhancement of tuition and other fees being charged by such Schools.

The private schools have been asked to submit the details of.

In the Human History, human evolution in all walks of life has progressed by leaps and bounds through the mesmerizing, magnanimous and magical medium of Education.

Education and literacy brought out Plato’s “Dark-cave” man to the glittering level of our present day Scientists, Academicians and Philosophers.

Education has been medium used by Prophets. Human being has ascended to moral and intellectual zenith through the medium of Education.

Imparting education has been and is most noble job.

Educationists and teachers, after parents, are the first and foremost torch bearers of the society. Darkness signifies illiteracy and glittering light represents Education and literacy.


Mr. Justice Sunil Hali,

Chairperson J&K FFRC,

cirriculum activities

The College committees ensure the participation of students in debates, seminar and cultural activities at both college and inter-college level.

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